PNet - Pumps Control Software - Description of pumps control software

With PNet you can realize flow profiles on the laboratory peristaltic pumps LAMBDA PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW, the syringe pump LAMBDA VIT-FIT, and also for the LAMBDA DOSER powder dosing instrument and the LAMBDA MASSFLOW gas flow controller.

The instruments are connected to the computer through a RS-232 or RS-485 interface. Then, the COM port to which the instrument is connected and the address of the instrument are selected. Up to 6 LAMBDA instruments can be connected and controlled simultaneously.

Main window

In this window you can:

  • • Enter set points for each instrument

  • • Configure, start and stop the set point profile

  • • Save the values of the set points in a file

PNet - pump control software - Lambda - Main window

Curves window (graphs)

This window displays the set point values of the different instruments as a function of time.

PNet - pump control software - Lambda - Curves window

Profile Configuration (“Opt”-Button)

Here, set point profiles (up to 50 steps) can be introduced, saved and printed.

PNet - pump control software - Lambda - Profile window
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