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MINI-4-gas automatic Gas-Mixing module software

The MINI-4-gas automatic gas mixing module software is the extension of the SIAM software which allows a complete automatic gas-mix control for up to 4 MINIFOR parallel-reactors (4 x 4 gas flow controller).

User can create their own application for the desired gas mix within a few minutes.

Minimal PC requirement: Pentium III, 1GHz, sound card, Windows NT4 or higher


  • • Easy set-point adjustment of each gas selected

  • • Low & High flow rate limits for the gases

  • pO2 control with Air & Oxygen (O2-enrichment)

  • pH control with Carbon dioxide

  • Constant total gas flow (exclusive flow)

Process Control

  • • Actual and set points of the parameters: temperature, pH, agitation, pO2, air flow rate, the amount of base and acid, additional parameter X

  • • The desired gas flow rate control of each gas e.g: N2, CO2, O2, air or according to customer’s selection

  • • Configuration

  • • The parameter values can be visualized and compared using graphs with respect to time.

  • • Data acquisition, calculations & gas transfer rates

  • • Data storage for comparison of experiments and for process optimization

  • • No software license issues for adding further units and lab instruments. (more than 4 MINIFOR units can be connected even if running without 4-gas control module)
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